1400 / 3400 Converting to 3-year Warranty Albion 16 Series

Over the past years we have seen a steady transition in purchasing behavior from the Faultless 1400/3400 Series to our other 2" wide premium product offerings. Much of this shift is to our Albion premium 3-year warranty series: the 16 Series. As such, and in efforts to bring you stronger and more competitive product lines, we will be discontinuing the production of the 1400/3400 Series on September 1, 2019. After this date both series will go into run-out mode until inventory is depleted.

The transition to the Albion 16 Series will leave no gap in our product offering and will strengthen the position and inventory of our USA-made 2” wide products that service these markets. The Albion 16 Series actually offers more wheel choices, a better warranty, and features a ¾” kingpin for added strength and caster life. We have automatically redirects from all Faultless 1400 / 3400 Series products to the correlating Albion 16 Series part number for your convenience. A link to shop the full Albion 16 Series can be found below. Please contact us with any questions or further support.

16 Series

The Albion 16 Series is our most popular 2”-wide industrial mobility solution. 16 Series caster rigs are manufactured in the USA, for expedited shipping and increased quality assurance. Zinc plating provides an attractive finish which increases corrosion resistance and provides longer caster life.

Each Albion product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year, or three (3) years where designated, from the original date of purchase, unless it has been misused, abused, modified, or improperly installed. Any product that is claimed to be defective that is returned to Albion with approval will be repaired or replaced free of charge (excluding freight and installation). This warranty is exclusive and there are no other warranties, express or implied, such as an implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. This remedy is the sole remedy in contract, tort or otherwise, and Albion is not liable for incidental, consequential or special damages.